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A psychopath is better than no path

“Normality is a paved road: It’s comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.”

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Anonymous asked: i really like this girl but don't know how to ask her out have any ideas

Just straight up and ask her, write her a little note, send her a message, ask face to face. Good luck :3

Anonymous asked: will you and Holly post a superkiss video sometime?:)

Nope we will never do a super kiss video

Anonymous asked: When are you and holly going to make another video

We have 4 vids ready to be posted next week and the week after (2 each week)

Confess secrets to me on anon


Won’t judge or reply, just post ;)

(via thesickandunspoken)

Anonymous asked: Hi there! So today a good friend is celebrating her birthday and I decided not to go...I told her it's because I can't and now she is mad at me. The truth is that I feel something weird when she's around and I know that if there's alcohol I'm gonna end up telling her what I feel. She's pretty homophobic and I don't like girl it's just with her. And makes me sad because I try not to talk to her or be around but we have classes together in uni...I don't know I just needed to tell someone. Thanks!

Heyy and maybe go to the party so you don’t disappoint her, but keep the alcohol to a minimum so you’re not drunk enough to say something you don’t want to. Even if you do tell her maybe she won’t remember by the morning or you could past it off as drunken talk. I don’t think you should disappoint her by not going, but if you feel like you could lose the friendship if you do end up saying something then maybe it’s best you don’t go.

Anonymous asked: What your favourite feature of Holly's?

Her eyes, they are so beautiful, the greens and the blues they are just beautiful to look at and then the way she winks too 😍😳

Anonymous asked: Hi I love your channel and your tumblr I also asked a similar question to holly do u have any advice on how to avoid bullies/ homophobic people / general idiots at school as I suffer with sever bullying and just hate full people and I don't have friends. Don't worry if u can't help as I saw your post saying u weren't gonna answer advice questions but I saw other peoples so I thought I'd give it a shot.:)

Hey, thank you :) and as for school, school is temporary so just try your best just to ignore the horrible people. If it’s really getting to you then please tell someone at your school, they will be able to help you and offer support. Sorry for not being much help, I don’t really know what to suggest. Good luck with everything

Anonymous asked: Holly has jealously issues don't she

No! No she doesn’t. She just doesn’t appreciate weird messages being sent to me and neither do I. She doesn’t have anything to be jealous of

Anonymous asked: Turn ons?

Hello holly speaking stop asking my gf weird things?

Anonymous asked: What is a good way to meet girls

At events like concerts and parades or clubs and youth centres :)

Anonymous asked: How do you find a gf that actually lives near you ?

Socialise at youth clubs or if you’re old enough at bars and local pubs? I’m not really sure :)

Anonymous asked: you are really lucky!:) Holly and You= cutest couple<3 ahw i want to have a relationship like yours:3

Haha…thanks :)

Anonymous asked: How where your exam results

I don’t really wanna talk about exam results even though people will say I did good, I still disappointed myself