Instagram A psychopath is better than no path

A psychopath is better than no path

Bethan, 16, feel free to message me :3

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Anonymous asked: what would you define as an inappropriate blog?

Iike rape blogs or weird porn blogs or homophobic blogs stuff like that

Anonymous asked: do you hate when people copy you or are inspired by you or do you find it flattering?

I do find it flattering, how it’s also really annoying because I like being really different and I make all my clothes my own style so when people copy I have to find something different or wear it a different way, because I hate being the same as someone, I don’t mind people copying clothes but I hate when people copy my little quirky things I do with my makeup and hair

Anonymous asked: Do u follow back all?

Yes pretty much unless I think the blog is inappropriate

Anonymous asked: would you ever visit australia?

Yes I would, it’s one of the many places I’d love to visit one day :)

Anonymous asked: OK well thanks for your help I just sent her another message yet no response well enjoy the rest of your day bye

Okay you’re welcome and you have a good day too and I’m messaging her on kik but I’m not giving her kik out because that’s not my place to do so

harlee7734quinn asked: You are beautiful

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: Hey gorgeous! How are you today?

Erm hi and I’m good thanks