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A psychopath is better than no path

Bethan, 16, feel free to message me :3

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Anonymous asked: What u doing at college In September

I’m taking
Philosophy and ethics
Then either textiles or biology or chemistry depending on results


Psychopath (2013)

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Anonymous asked: Hey. So basically I'm 17, and I pretty much knew I liked girls since I was a kid. My parents are very homophobic and once my dad said to me that gay people should be hung on the streets which actually made me want to die because I know I could no way ever come out to them. It's really sad when I have a relationship with a girl I like and I can't be in a normal relationship with her. It's all to do with my religion, I'm a Muslim and being gay is worse than killing another human. Idk what to do 😔

Well I definitely wouldn’t recommend coming out because your safety and well being is more important, there’s not a lot I could suggest because I don’t want you life to be in danger, I guess you’re just going to have to wait a few years till you can move out and live your own life and be properly who you are without your life being in danger, I wish you the best

Anonymous asked: LOVE YOUR VIDEOS❤️😍❤️😍 I use to like this girl, but now I don't because she is my bff now. When I liked her I didn't tell anyone. recently I told her that I like girls and that I use to like her. since then she's been wanting to hang out, hold hands, she always kisses me on the cheek, and jokes around with our friends saying we're dating. She also always says "I look like a lesbian today" (Idk y she says that. It's kinda dumb). Do you think she likes me? She may just thinks of me as a bff. Idk

Thank you :3 and she may like you, knowing that you’ve came out to her might have given her the opportunity to give hints so they only way to find out is to ask her, does she also like girls or maybe she’s just really friendly a comfortable with you :)


Bring Me The Horizon by Kaitlyn Hodnicki on Flickr.